About Us
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With more than 20 years experience in the Western Red Cedar business, Leisure Forest Products has evolved from a deck and shed contractor to a full service lumber mill. In 1988 we founded “Just Decks” to service a growing demand for quality cedar products, our focus on design and superior quality materials helped us grow to become an industry leader. In 1996 with our deck business grown to nearly 20 times its original size we introduced “Leisure Lumber”. For the first time the do it yourself home owners would have access to our professional design service and would be able to purchase the same quality materials that we sourced for our own projects.

We continued to search for higher quality products from the British Columbia cedar mills. In 1999 we discovered the rough clear cedar market, we quickly learned that the largest volume and highest quality cedar was produced as rough (unfinished product) this prompted us to begin converting our plant. Over the next year we would purchase our first moulder, our first re-saw, and install our first lumber kiln for drying lumber. Today Leisure Forest Products produces and supplies high quality kiln dried Western Red Cedar to many industries, Saunas, Hot Tubs and Garage Doors are just a few of the places you will find our cedar. We also supply siding, paneling and trim for residential and commercial projects alike. If you visit the Burlington waterfront pavilion you will find cedar milled by Leisure Forest Products. We can also offer fire treating and pre-staining service. Our Brantford Ontario facility with nearly 30,000 sq. ft. of production space houses some of the finest lumber milling equipment in the industry. From our computer controlled dry kilns through the milling process Leisure Forest Products uses state of the art computer controlled equipment.

Our newest product line the “Leisure Line” is the result of all of our experience and technology. Design is the foundation for these products; manufactured in our facility using the highest quality materials they are functional, attractive and durable. Our 2” deck & dock chair is a hybrid version using design traits from the Muskoka Chair and the Adirondack Lawn Chair. Stainless steel and concealed fasteners are used to enhance looks, strength and durability. In fact you will find the same attention to detail throughout the Leisure Line.

Whether you are a manufacturer of your own line of cedar products, a contractor building a commercial building, a house or cottage or a home owner looking for the perfect Muskoka Chair or Adirondack Lawn Chair, trust Leisure Forest Products with your red cedar or recycled plastic furniture needs and we will deliver a level of quality, value and service like never before.
Since 1988 Leisure Forest Products has been setting the Quality standard for Western Red Cedar products. Our constant search for the best available Cedar and superior product design has brought our company to where we are today. Leisure Forest Products is now a full service lumber mill, we use state of the art equipment throughout our entire process. Our facility is fully equipped for cutting and sizing of the rough product, we operate our own dry kiln, moulders, and CNC router to ensure the highest quality finished products available. Computer aided milling and cutting machines enable us to maintain the highest precision, our commitment to quality sets our products apart from the competition.